LIBERTY MUTUAL BUSINESS INSURANCE: 2023 Detailed Reviews & All You Need

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Liberty Mutual is a market leader in business lines insurance in the United States. With a wide range of options for organizations of all sizes, The company is an attractive alternative for many enterprises. In this guide, we’ll take you through the coverage options available with Liberty Mutual, as well as the reviews regarding the company.

Liberty Mutual Business Insurance At a Glance

Liberty Mutual provides a diverse range of commercial lines insurance products, making it an excellent alternative for companies of all sizes. Starting with the most important policy that every business requires, general liability, Liberty Mutual also provides additional important business insurance coverages. Worker’s compensation insurance protects employees from workplace injuries, while employment practices liability insurance protects employers against employment-related difficulties.

Liberty Mutual also offers professional liability insurance to a wide range of professionals, including architects, engineers, designers, and lawyers. They are also well-known for their commercial auto insurance, which is not surprising given the company’s reputation for personal lines of insurance such as auto and house insurance.

Liberty Mutual provides comprehensive coverage. If you require coverage such as environmental liability, inland marine, equipment failure, fiduciary liability, fidelity, and crime, or directors and officers insurance, Liberty Mutual is likely to have them. You should, however, be aware of the coverage gaps with the basic policy solutions they offer, as well as the cost of obtaining the necessary coverage.

In addition, the company provides industry-specific solutions for a wide range of sectors, including construction, manufacturing, real estate, energy, healthcare, and wholesale. Liberty Mutual is an excellent alternative for firms in these industries due to its extensive coverage options and competitive pricing. However, keep in mind that Liberty Mutual insurance contain some exclusions, so be sure to read the fine print before obtaining a policy.

Liberty Mutual Insurance offers qualifying customers to combine existing policies into a single solution, such as a company owner’s policy that covers general liability, commercial property, and business interruption insurance.

Liberty Mutual Commercial Insurance: Coverage Options

For small-business owners, Liberty Mutual provides the following coverage options: 

#1. General Liability Insurance 

For business owners, general liability insurance is a must-have. It assists in covering expenditures resulting from bodily injury, personal injury, property damage, and advertising injury (libel, slander and copyright infringement). In most cases, liability coverage only applies to third-party claims, such as if a customer falls in your parking lot or an employee damages a client’s property while on the job.

General liability insurance does not cover damage to your own property or employee injuries. In some cases, commercial property insurance and workers’ compensation coverage would be required.

Liberty Mutual provides general liability insurance as a standalone policy or as part of a business owners policy that includes property insurance.

#2. Workers’ Compensation Insurance 

Workers’ compensation insurance is provided by Liberty Mutual to cover business owners in the event that an employee is hurt on the job or becomes ill as a result of their work. This coverage is required in most jurisdictions for enterprises with at least one employee, however other states have a higher requirement.

Workers’ compensation covers medical expenses for employees and protects firms from litigation resulting from the incident. It usually covers the following costs: 

  • Immediate medical care.
  • Rehabilitation.
  • Disability and wage loss.
  • Survivor benefits.

Workers’ compensation will not cover injuries sustained while doing a personal task, while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or while participating in a voluntary leisure activity.

#3. Commercial Auto Insurance 

Commercial auto insurance from Liberty Mutual can cover a single company vehicle or an entire fleet. Liability, physical damage, bodily injury, and uninsured motorist coverage are frequently included in policies.

The Pros and Cons of Liberty Mutual Business Insurance


  • A wide selection of business insurance products are available to meet the needs of most enterprises.
  • Construction, health care, and wholesale enterprises, among others, have industry-specific coverage alternatives.


  • There are no online quotes.
  • The website lacks comprehensive information on commercial insurance products.

What is The Cost Of Liberty Mutual Business Insurance?

Liberty Mutual’s business lines insurance products provide competitive pricing. However, pricing will vary according to the type of coverage, the amount of coverage, and the location and size of the business. Liberty Mutual’s website does not provide information on the typical cost of its business insurance plans, and there are no online quotations available to verify their premiums and compare them to other insurers.

The overall impression is that acquiring a policy with Liberty Mutual is slightly more expensive than getting a policy with other, smaller business insurance firms. This is due in part to the company’s offering of various specialist lines of insurance, which may be more expensive for specific sectors.

Liberty Mutual Business Insurance Reviews and Ratings

When it comes to its business insurance products, Liberty Mutual has received mixed reviews. Some policyholders commend the organization for its extensive coverage options and low pricing. Others, on the other hand, have criticized the company’s customer service and claims process. The majority of online customer evaluations are negative, although the bulk of them are about personal lines insurance difficulties.

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Complaint Index, Liberty Mutual has received an elevated number of complaints about some of its business line coverages. The majority of customers have chastised Liberty Mutual for poor customer service, lengthy claims processes, and inadequate compensation.

Liberty Mutual has an A.M. Best rating of “A” (Excellent) and a Standard & Poor rating of “A” when it comes to ratings. The company’s high financial strength and ability to pay claims is reflected in these ratings. Liberty Mutual is rated A2 (Good) by Moody’s and A+ by the BBB. However, when determining their ratings, the BBB does not take into account client complaints.

Liberty Mutual Insurance Website Experience

The Liberty Mutual website is sleek and easy to use, but the policy pages are short on information concerning the stated coverages. Other tools, such as a business insurance glossary, articles on typical business hazards, and small business insights, help to compensate for this.

Personal lines clients have a significantly better digital experience because they can get quotations online, whereas commercial lines clients must contact an agent in their local area to get a price on their policies.

Clients can also manage their policies, pay their fees, or register a claim through the company’s mobile app.

Liberty Mutual Customer Support Services

Liberty Mutual provides its business insurance policyholders with a variety of customer service choices. However, we cannot help but observe the lack of an online chat option or the ability to schedule a consultation regarding specific insurance needs before determining which policy(ies) you require for your business.

The organization has made it simple for its clients to make claims through numerous channels, allowing everyone to choose the approach that works best for them. Policyholders frequently complain about customer service, although the majority of complaints are regarding personal lines insurance. In addition, your experience may be influenced by the local branch or Liberty Mutual affiliate from which you obtain your coverage.

Other Services and Benefits Provided by Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual provides a variety of different products and services in addition to business insurance, such as premium audits to alter your insurance rates and risk management services.

The Liberty Mutual Claims Procedure

To report a claim, policyholders can call Liberty Mutual’s 24-hour claims hotline. Policyholders can also file a claim using the Liberty Mutual app or online.

The company’s website includes thorough information regarding the claims procedure, such as how to register a claim and what papers are needed. However, some policyholders have complained about the claims procedure being sluggish and confusing, owing to the fact that it can take the firm weeks to assess a claim.

How Do I Get Liberty Mutual Quotes?

Obtaining a business line coverage quote from Liberty Mutual Insurance can be difficult. On its website, the organization does not allow customers to receive an online quote. Instead, they should contact the brokers and agents with whom Liberty Mutual operates in their area.

Clients are recommended to contact the broker in charge of a specific line of insurance by email or phone to obtain a quote from the said broker or underwriter. Small businesses can acquire insurance quotes online from Commercial Insurance.Net.

Is Liberty Mutual a Reliable Company?

Overall, Liberty Mutual is an excellent pick for commercial lines insurance. For specific industries such as construction, manufacturing, or healthcare, the organization provides a wide selection of coverage alternatives at low pricing. It is a major insurance company with many local branches, which gives it many advantages in terms of availability, but also some drawbacks when consumers work with less-than-well-trained local customer care people.

Liberty Mutual Alternatives

If you want a more personalized service, you may typically get it with a smaller insurer or broker. Also, if you prefer a digital shopping experience, AdvisorSmith recommends looking into one of the more established insurtechs, such as Next Insurance, Insureon, or Embroker. You can acquire insurance rates online and shop for plans through these companies’ digital portals.

Smaller businesses may also provide a more streamlined claims and customer service experience. Those businesses are aiming to expand their client base and should do all possible to keep their clients content with the services they supply.

Liberty Mutual, like all insurers, has various exclusions in its policies. Before acquiring a policy, it is critical to be aware of these exclusions and possibly search around for a better solution for your business.

In Conclusion,

Liberty Mutual provides a comprehensive range of commercial insurance coverage, including general liability, workers’ compensation, and commercial auto insurance. All policies are distributed by independent brokers and agents.

The information on Liberty Mutual’s website is limited. You can’t acquire a quote or learn basic facts about its commercial auto coverage, such as what sorts of business vehicles are covered. To learn more about each insurance, you should speak with a broker.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best type of insurance for a small business?

A Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) is the best type of insurance for any small business. It usually combine general liability insurance and commercial property insurance.

How much should I budget for business insurance?

Many small businesses will pay between $600 and $1,800 each year. Despite this, the average professional liability policy costs roughly $900 per year (or $75 per month).

How much is business insurance in Florida?

Professional service providers in Florida face lower risks than others and pay median monthly premiums of around $45.

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